Safe, affordable, high-quality aircraft

UW Flying Club aircraft are perfect for pilots who are training, taking shorter flights around the area, or taking long cross-country flights.

Our planes have newer airframes, are well maintained, and have some of the lowest hourly rates in the area. UW Flying Club prioritizes safety first and meticulously maintains the fleet. We strive to keep rates low by moderating expensive upgrades and by operating newer aircraft that require less maintenance.

We bill using Hobbs time. Since we are non-profit, no sales tax is added to hourly rates. Hourly rates include standard fuel and fluctuate with a fuel surcharge. The fuel surcharge is calculated as $1 for every 10 cents 100LL from Wisconsin Aviation varies from $5.00/gallon.

Fuel surcharge as of April 2017: minus $8.00


N5197T   - $104/hour ($112/hour + fuel surcharge)   More Details  

N5197T - $104/hour ($112/hour + fuel surcharge)

More Details 

N486ER   - $96/hour ($104/hour + fuel surcharge)   More Details

N486ER - $96/hour ($104/hour + fuel surcharge)

More Details